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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons Day 9 – 2012 San Diego Ca Group!

SUPERDELL becomes SPIDERDELL, students get interviewed, several pull their first acro-stunts, and a NEW WORLD RECORD is set! We are getting close to the end of the journey for this group of WPPGA students! Everyone is taking full advantage of the last two days in Mexico. There is hardly a machine that isn’t in the sky.

The other school from the US was out at the beach again. All of the WPPGA students were literally flying circles around the competition. Once everyone was able to focus on actual flight rather than glider control, things got quite interesting.

The beach was consistently busy with large families of tourists and Mexicans. When any of the students, or especially SUPERDELL, pulled a stunt out there, every single person on the beach just froze to watch the amazing show. Many of the families were even cheering the WPPGA students on while they completed wing-overs and 360s!

At the end of the day, everyone was lucky enough to witness SUPERDELL Schanze set a World Record! He launched his Flat Top Ninja Paramotor with a custom-built, 11 square-meter, Morpheus Paraglider from U-Turn Paragliders! After gaining the perfect altitude, he sharply dove at the ground and completed the first-ever wing-tip drag on that glider! There were more camera phones out than at a small concert!

It’s inspiring for everyone involved with WPPGA training to be instructed by one of the best pilots in the world. It’s also invaluable for students to see the same equipment they’re flying, tested at such extremes. A confident pilot can relax and enjoy this sport to its fullest.

Be sure to check out the next & last video in this series – Day 10! The best is saved for last! If you have any questions or comments, give the WPPGA a call at 1-800-707-2525. You can also visit our websites at: or

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