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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons Day 8 Touch n’ Go’s- San Diego 2012 Group!

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Touch n’ go flights, crazy-awesome tandems, and some ever-famous SUPERDELL signature wing-tip drags! Just when everyone thinks it can’t get any better, it absolutely does! What a breathtaking coastline to have a “first flight.” Multiple students spotted dolphins, sharks, manta rays, seals, fishing boats, and more. Compared to their expectations before they got here, the entire group of WPPGA students were blown away by the experience up to this point.

“Seeing SUPERDELL pull a wing-tip drag right in front of me was nothing like watching it on YouTube! It was more intense watching him than riding a roller coaster for me,” stated one student.

Ironically, there was another Powered Paragliding school with a couple of students on the beach this day. They were going to put their students in the air on day 2 with a motor. While interviewing some of the WPPGA students, they were asked “what it was like to see another school out here is a basis for comparison?” Many of them stated that it “increased their level of confidence in the instruction they received through the WPPGA.” It couldn’t have worked out better by having that direct comparison right there!

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