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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons Day 7 – San Diego Group’s FIRST FLIGHTS!

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This is it!… What our students and viewers have been waiting for!… The day everyone starts to fly! There wasn’t a single student who slept in on this day. Everyone was up early and ready to get their chance to fly. WPPGA Master Instructor “SUPERDELL” Schanze and his expert Assistant Instructors began unloading 9 stunning Flat Top Paramotors from the trailer. SUPERDELL opened up several brand-new Cima K2 Paragliders for the student’s first flights, then began staging machines.

Andy Fuller was the first WPPGA student to take to the sky. SUPERDELL Schanze provided exceptionally good-quality, long-range communication radios, which enabled him to be “right at the student’s side” during flight. Andy’s takeoff was absolutely flawless! Everyone was cheering and going nuts! Even his FIRST touch-and-go looked like he had been doing it for years! After seeing how easy it was for Andy to launch, all the students were ready to rock ‘n roll! One by one, each student got their chance to touch a cloud for the first time. It was truly a day that will go down in history for each and every person that was out there. At the end of the day, one of the students stated that “it’s stuff like this that I will remember at the end of my life, you know, when I look back and think about the most memorable experiences… This will be right up there with my first kiss – lol!” Another stated: “I can finally take this one off my bucket list now!”

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