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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons – Day 5 – 2012 San Diego Group!


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This is it! The adrenaline and excitement can be seen in every single student! This is the final day of mastering the art of ground control for this group of WPPGA students! There isn’t a single individual in the group that isn’t ready to take to the sky.

It’s very clear that this group has progressed light years beyond where they were at on the first day of training. The confidence of each student is apparent and can be seen in each clip shown here. Students are experimenting with their gliders further, starting to “play” with their newly found skills, and hungry to see the ever famous Flat Top Paramotor in person.

WPPGA Master Instructor “SUPERDELL” Schanze was “very pleased” with how quickly and comprehensively this group’s knowledge of the sport had grown. SUPERDELL stated “with hand-selected instructors, certified gear, and these awesome conditions, it’s pretty cool what we can do with the group… These guys are ready to fly!”

At the end of the day, the group of WPPGA students returned to the beach house, and began packing up for Mexico! Within a couple of hours, everyone had loaded into the vehicles and headed to the flying site in Mexico! The destination was a small town, 53 miles into Mexico. The group got set up in their rooms and crashed out early in preparation for tomorrow’s a big day. Be sure to check out the next video! It’s flying time for the group!

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