World Powered Paragliding Association

WPPGA Paramotor Lessons 2012 FINAL Day 10 – Students Set World Records!

Students break some World Records, first-person footage while performing in-flight acro maneuvers, and the end to an amazing journey!

By day 10, it starts to hit everybody that they will all be going home soon. Of course, with WPPGA training, everyone has the open invitation to come back at any time and fly with the group for free. Gallons of gas were burned through while students maximized their flying time on the last day.

Some incredible and noteworthy events took place with this WPPGA group on the last day. It was the first group ever to have three beginning students pull a SAT acro-maneuver on their 10th day of training. Additionally, it was the first WPPGA group to have two students perform tandem flights on their 10th day of training. That will be one tough act to follow for future WPPGA students!

At the end of the day, a few die-hards did some sunset flying while others packed up for the trip home. Everyone loaded into the vehicles and we made our way back to the States. After arriving back at the beach house in San Diego, it wasn’t long until everyone was asleep.

The next day, everyone said their goodbyes, and were then shuttled to the airport. There wasn’t a single person who felt their life was changed by this amazing experience.

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