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The PROBLEM With Training…

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Paramotor training on your mind?  Think about this:  If you didn’t need any type of license to drive a car, how safe would the roads be?  Just about anyone could open up a “driving school” without ANY experience!  This is EXCACTALLY what is going on in the Powered Paragliding community.  There are many self-proclaimed “expert instructors” out there who have never had a day of formal training in their lives.  It’s scary how many students cycle through these schools each year, and the death rate is climbing dramatically.  There are LOTS of hobbies and skills that CAN be self taught, like rollerskating or riding a bike.  Powered Paragliding however, is NOT ONE OF THEM!  It would be like learning to swim from a book and then jumping right into the ocean!

The Complete SOLUTION:

The World Powered Paragliding Association has become globally recognized for providing the most complete & thorough training available with the world’s TOP-rated Master Instructors.  The WPPGA National Training Center is the most sought-after school in the country, and has produced more World Record holders than any other PPG association.  Through hard work and undying dedication, the WPPGA is now setting the standards for Powered Paraglider Training.Paramotor instruction 300x218 WPPGA

The World Powered Paragliding Association does NOT cut corners with training.  You won’t find any “3-day crash courses” through the WPPGA!  What you CAN expect are two life-changing weeks that will provide the complete skills needed to handle any situation in the sky.  Additionally, our training sites offer the most ideal conditions for flight & training.  This allows our students to put in full days of practice, rather than a couple of hours.

But Wait…  There’s MORE!

WPPGA Certified Training Centers are one of the ONLY schools that provide equipment insurance!  We are so confident in our student’s capabilities that if you break it, WE buy it!  Just imagine how expensive your training could become if you had to buy a broken machine or glider at the end of your lessons.

We also provide lodging and transportation to the training site.  Our team wants to eliminate any unnecessary hassles so that our students can focus on training and training alone.  Now that’s “first class service for world class pilot training.”

The ZERO Factor:

“You might be dying to train, but you don’t want to train to die!”  There have been ZERO deaths by WPPGA Students who fly WPPGA Certified gear.  That is another first for a Powered Paragliding Association.  Proper training provides the freedom to fully enjoy this incredible sport.  Unfortunantly, when a pilot crashes, it effects the reputation of the entire sport.  The WPPGA
is working hard to help individules make well-informed and educated choices when choosing gear or a school.  Before you jump into training, do your research.  We have provided many articles, videos, product reviews, and more to help you on your journey to the sky.  Your overall enjoyment of the sport and life could depend on making the right decision.  If you have any questions, our team of experts are here to serve you.  Simply use our contact form or call 1-800-707-2525.



1.  Where does the instructor rank in the WPPGA Championships?

2.  Where do the instructor’s students rank in the WPPGA Championships?

3.  Where is a video of the instructor CLEARLY demonstrating a true mastery level of skill?

4.  Where is a video of the instructor’s students CLEARLY demonstrating a true mastery level of skill?

5.  Do they train in a coastal location, with optimal weather, to maximize the value of the students time?

6.  Do their students master glider control to where they can literally kite with no hands AND with their eyes closed BEFORE they fly?

7.  Did the instructor train with master instructors themselves? Who were they, and what was their background?

8.  Is the instructor an expert “free flight” pilot with a true mastery of flying in all conditions like mountains, canyons, the ocean and hot deserts?

9.  Has the instructor themselves been through numerous maneuvers courses with mastery in all the basic acro maneuvers, collapses and recovery?

10.  Does the instructor recommend, sell, and train EXCLUSIVELY with WPPGA approved equipment?

11.  Is training equipment provided during lessons, and if the student damages gear, will they be required to pay for the damage?



For the next training dates at the WPPGA National Training Center just give us a call anytime at 800-707-2525.  At the WPPGA National Training Center you train directly with the WPPGA Paramotor World Champion, US glider control champion and the one you see all over youtube setting most every record in the sport and doing things no other paramotor pilots on earth can do.  Getting the very best training with the very best pilot and instructor in the world will easily save you more than the cost of the trip in what it saves you from trashing gear you would have for sure damaged without the very best training.  Call now at 800-707-2525 to talk to a master pilot that can explain all the details of gear, training and any other questions you have.

Please take a few minutes to check out our YouTube channel!  We have lots of great training videos and many, many exciting flying videos.  Out YouTube channel is a great way to familiarize yourself with what may be the greatest sport, EVER!


Please do your research.  We want everyone with the desire to enjoy this incredible experience to find a way to fly, but we wany tou to be able to do it again.  Therefore, make sure you find the right training opportunity, the safest gear that conforms to your size, weight and experience level.  Please contact the WPPGA for any tips, advice and/ or help in this matter.  We all want to see you again!


Learn more about Paramotor Instruction At The WPPGA National Training Center!!

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  • Hi,
    I am interested in purchasing a Cima K2, with the hope in the future to purchase a Flat Top after training.
    I weigh 165. My question is… purchasing the chute, do they come with different risers or are they all standard. I plan
    to be @ PC beach in June and would be an ideal time in learning to kite. Please let me know if you sell them. thanks


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