World Powered Paragliding Association

World Powered Paragliding Association Produces 10 Year-Old Paramotor Pilot!


WPPGA Master-Instructor Dell Schanze produces the youngest Powered Paragliding student alive!

10 year old SUPERJORDAN has officially become a PPG expert after demonstrating his capability to foot launch AND launch with a trike!  This is the perfect testament that with the right training and equipment, it makes the sport so easy “a child could do it!”

A Powered Paraglider or Paramotor is a version of ultralight aircraft which does not require a pilot’s license. This makes it the most affordable way for anyone to own their own personal aircraft. Another benefit of these amazing machines is the freedom to fly almost anywhere a pilot desires. With an amazing one hour of flight to 1 gallon of gas ratio, the Powered Paraglider (or PPG) is in a class of its own.

Featured in the picture above is the Flat Top Paramotor.  The Flat Top Paramotor is one of the very few units out there to Surpass all of the very stringent WPPGA safety certifications. It’s no wonder that Paragliding and Powered Paragliding World Champion Dell Schanze chose this machine to trust his son’s life to.  This amazing and sport is truly more enjoyable with proper training and the right gear!

Due to the fact that this is a nonlicensed sport, there are countless people offering instruction out there without any governing quality control. As with all extreme sports, there is some risk involved. This risk can be greatly minimized by expert and thorough instruction. If you did not need a license to ride a motorcycle, would you rather learn from your neighbor down the street, or learn from an expert at a certified training facility? The answer is completely obvious.

 Amazing 10 year old paramotor pilot takes the skies!

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