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Powered Paragliding WORLD RECORD! Dell Schanze Does Wing Drag on an 11sm Morpheus!

Students were blown away and spectators gathered!  The WPPGA Training event in Mexico was truly a sight to see. World Champion SUPERDELL Schanze took to the sky and attempted something no man or woman has done before. Countless people on the beach stopped what they were doing to watch, as Dell Schanze launched a custom-made, 11 square-meter Morpheus Paraglider!  Now that is one small glider! People simply had no idea what they were about to see or experience.

Of course, the Flat Top Ninja Paramotor was warmed up, and the wing was pulled up into the sky.  The next thing everyone knew, SUPERDELL was in the air and gaining altitude for his attempt at setting a new World Record.

One WPPGA student commented: “That is one heck of a tiny glider.” Another stated “That’s the thinnest, fastest glider I’ve ever seen in person… Only Dell!” This was quite the contrast, especially considering the fact that WPPGA students trained on the ever famous K2 Paraglider.  It was great for them to be exposed to an advanced competition glider.

SUPERDELL dove towards the ground after banking a serious turn.  At the last second, he swooped-in to make world history.  SUPERDELL completed the first ever wing tip drag on an 11 m² Morpheus Paraglider! Everyone watching went absolutely nuts and wanted to see it again!” Of course, no one was disappointed! SUPERDELL continued to rock the demonstration of his signature move.

One of the WPPGA students commented: “It’s totally different than watching (SUPERDELL) on Youtube! I was standing feet away from him when he did the wing-drag…. It was more exciting than riding a roller coaster for me!”

U-Turn Paragliders have earned the global reputation for being the most sought-after by top pilots such as Dell Schanze. It’s no mystery that Dell “SUPERDELL” Schanze chose a U-turn glider to set his latest World Record.

If you would like to become a part of WPPGA SUPERTRAINING, or to contact Dell Schanze, please call 1-800-707-2525. You can also visit our websites at:, or the WPPGA main site at

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