World Powered Paragliding Association

Paramotor Lessons – WPPGA Day 3 – San Diego 2012

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It just keeps getting better! This new group of WPPGA SUPERSTUDENTS has taken the beach by storm. It’s really neat to see 10 different gliders stretched all the way down the beach as far as you can see. There were countless passerby’s inquiring about lessons, the sport in general, and to our surprise, we could not believe how many people had never heard of powered paragliding!

Master Instructor SUPERDELL Schanze, and all of the assistant instructors, were the best teachers many of these students had ever seen. Being an exceptional teacher is truly a gift. There are so many great practitioners in the sport, but when it comes to explaining to a new student how to do it, there are very few teachers in the world of this caliber.

This video series is getting closer to showing the students first flights! Each student spends a minimum of five days, 6 to 8 hours a day, learning how to master their ground kiting skills. One of the great things about Powered Paragliding is that the student can literally master flight before ever leaving the ground! It actually gets easier for the pilot to control the glider once in the air. While in the air, the wing is fully loaded, and completely keeps it’s perfect shape. Especially with the ever-famous K2 Paraglider from Sky Paragliders.

Again, feel free to visit the World Powered Paragliding Association website at, or call us at 1-800-707-2525. “Let’s go Flying!!!”

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