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Paramotor Lessons Day 4 – WPPGA Training 2012 – San Diego Ca

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There are many paramotor schools throughout the country strapping a motor to a students back on day two or three of training. Aside from uncertified gear, this kind of negligence is the leading cause of death and injury in this incredibly-safe sport. Many of these schools also train in locations (like fields) where the student is lucky to get 1-2 hours of good wind conditions per day. The WPPGA however, still has students on day four, fine-tuning the mastery of glider control. Due to the hand-selected locations of the WPPGA National Training Centers, these eager students have the opportunity to train around the clock! If they get some well-needed rest and sleep in, there are still more hours of optimal training conditions than the student can physically handle. Several diehard students even go out in the middle of the night to experience “feeling” their glider, rather than watching it move. There have been ZERO deaths by WPPGA students. That’s right!… ZERO! What a powerful statement! No other PPG Association can boast that.

The ultimate goal of the WPPGA is to make this a safer sport for all. They are working hard towards changing the standards of training and gear certification globally. When a new student was asked “how does the WPPGA training compare to other methods like the USPPA,” they responded: “It’s just not fair that so many people don’t know it doesn’t have to be like that.” It’s a life we’re talking about here. These other instructors have put the mighty dollar before a human life. I genuinely feel sorry for them.” Another student gave a GREAT analogy in regards to this topic: “If my life depended on picking a good brain surgeon, I would want someone who went to Harvard for 10 years, rather than someone who went 2-3 at a community college. WPPGA training is where you get the Masters Degree. Everything else is just a Junior College (lol).”

Being a non-licensed sport does have its advantages… It saves people quite a bit of money by not having a government regulated licensing process. The disadvantage however, is that anyone ( and I mean anyone) can open up a full-fledged powered paragliding school, claiming that they are an expert. How safe would the roads be if you didn’t need any type of license to operate a vehicle? Just about anyone can learn from a book or a video and open up a driving school. Again, the WPPGA is working around the clock, exposing people to the highest standards in training, the world has ever seen.

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Paramotor Sports Powered Paragliding – Ca
OR CALL: 1-800-707-2525

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