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Paramotor Lessons Day 2 – WPPGA San Diego 2012

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The progression and skill from just day one to day 2 is quite apparent in this video. This group of WPPGA students are getting comfortable enough to start experimenting with their glider. Towards the end of the day, some of them were even having kiting wars to see who can keep their glider in the air the longest. Of course this involved trying to steal each other’s wind, wing bumping the other person, and a lot of laughs!

One of the many unique things about WPPGA training is that the accommodations are included. The beach house in San Diego is directly on the beach. This makes it quite convenient for students to simply walk out the front door and practice kiting whenever they like. The house featured granite countertops, tile floors, fireplaces in multiple rooms, a Jacuzzi bathtub, plasma TVs, and a rooftop balcony with a breathtaking view to top it all off. It’s hard to find a vacation of this magnitude, and the fact that flight lessons are included in the experience, there really isn’t anything else like it! Everyone kept saying “I can’t believe what we are getting for the price!”

Please continue to watch this video series. If you are considering getting into the sport, this is a great way to get a taste of what the experience will be like if you choose WPPGA training. Do your research by checking out other school’s training videos. I’m sure after you do, you will clearly see the difference.

To start your next great adventure, please visit our site: or call 1-800-707-2525!

Sky-High Regards – The WPPGA Team

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