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WPPGA Warns You!

WPPGA knows that there are other organizations out there that are doing a great job of teaching and certifying flyers.  We encourage you to make sure that you are getting a DVH, EN or Afnor certified wing within your skill level for the best experience possible.  We don’t, however, recommend the Reflex Wing.  The Reflex wing has been responsible for more deaths than most other brands combined! These gliders are push as “more stable” “faster” “safer” when in FACT they are not any of those.  They are not more stable but far less stable.  When they collapse they don’t recover properly.  ZERO reflex gliders on the market can pass ANY level of safety certifications.  Pretty much any good certified glider will recover from a major collapse in less than 30 ft.  People have died on Reflex Gliders from over 500 ft after their reflex “auto stable” wing NEVER recovered.  They are not “auto stable”.  They are auto death.  When they collapse there is nothing you can do.  Often the people that would even recommend Reflex wings are also so incredibly foolish, that they are the same ones that recommend people don’t get reserve parachutes.  Lists of deaths have resulted.  Do not get ANY brand make or model of “reflex” wing.  NONE of them can pass ANY level of safety certifications when in reflex mode.  Another scam they use is this; Sometimes they will get them to pass at trim speed.  Then sell it as a “Certified Reflex Glider”.  It CAN’T pass any level of safety certifications in Reflex mode.  There is no such thing as a certified Reflex glider.  That is an oxymoron.  This should be more like an oopsymoron.  Because any moron that has an oopsy on a reflex glider is likely going to die.  We believe the Reflex Gliders are a scam and encourage you to avoid taking this option.

10yearold 300x200 WPPGA

10 Year Old Paramotor Enthusiast Flies a Powered Paralider Trike

Click here to watch a great Paraglider Video!

Just be aware of the Reflex Gliders and do your research!

WPPGA encourages you to find the paraglider match for you.



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