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World Powered Paragliding Championships!


Come one, come all!  The World Powered Paragliding Championships showcase some of the sport’s most amazing talent.  Spectators will experience waves of adrenaline and a TOTAL wow-factor!  Pilots will experience some of the most dynamic flight ever imagined!  This is an OPEN event, which means ALL pilots, flying ALL gear are welcome to compete!  Just send in your video and our experts will check it out, maybe even post it ONLINE!


Not everyone can just pack their bags and head to a WPPGA Fly-In event.  We understand this and don’t want to prevent exceptional pilots from showcasing their skills.  Here is the solution….  Grab a camera and E-mail us the footage from your stunt, amazing flight, or world record attempt!  Our Master Instructors will review the footage and most likely feature it on our site.  That being said, every day is now WPPGA Championship day!  Now that’s a first!  If you have great skill as a pilot and want to make your mark in the Powered Paragliding Community, this is a GREAT opportunity.  The WPPGA and it’s affiliates have the largest video and marketing networks of any PPG company or organization in the world.  That means you will have a built-in audience of thousands of fans, waiting to discover your capabilities as a pilot.  Additionally, the WPPGA does NOT discriminate against competitors.  Many PPG events and “fly-ins” hosted by large Paramotor companies prevent their competition from entering.  This creates a biased atmosphere which protects them from being out-shined.  If you feel you can beat our current champions, we will gladly shake your hand and feature your skills!


The World Powered Paragliding Championship’s main event is the “Circle Foot-Drag.”  The task is super simple….  Do a foot drag in a circle as many times as you can without your foot coming off the ground.  That’s it.  So anyone, anywhere, with any paramotor gear can go out and get a video of themselves doing a circle foot drag.  Whoever gets the most in the row wins.  Additionally, each competitor is listed in order so even if you don’t win you will be ranked globally.  This way people can see quickly and easily where anyone’s particular skill level is based on the number they complete.  Competitors can also see what they need to do to move up to the next spot.  So get geared up, muster up some adrenaline, and show us your skills!


1ST Place with 16 – Dell Schanze

2nd Place with 8 – Jerry Meier

3rd Place with 7 – Shane Denherder

4th Place with 6 – Russ Bateman

5th Place with 2 – Adam Llewellyn

trans WPPGA

6th Place with 2 – Patrik Heikkila

trans WPPGA

7th Place with 2 – Trevor Steele

8th Place with 1 – Byron Leisek

trans WPPGA



$500?…..  $100?…..  HOW ABOUT FREE!!!!  That’s right!  The WPPGA does NOT charge for entry into our competitions.  We strive to allow anyone to compete.  All it will cost you is your time, and a good time at that!  What are you waiting for?  Get that camera ready and let’s have some FUN!


Get you paramotor instruction, get the right equipment, and maybe you can be the next champion!

At WPPGA, we want everyone to fly safely and have fun.  Contact us with any questions or concerns at (800) 707-2525 or at, and enjoy your paramotor experience!

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