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Paramotor Lessons Day 1 – WPPGA San Diego 2012

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This is the first video in a series of 10 that documents the life-changing experience this group of students had. The WPPGA or World Powered Paragliding Association is globally known for providing the most thorough and comprehensive training on the planet. This video series simply does not do justice in conveying how unbelievable the overall experience was for this group of eager students.

The first training day, or T-Day 1, the group of students were thoroughly submersed in a world of knowledge. Many topics were covered, such as the different parts of the glider and their safety features, basic ground control, methods of using weight shift to enhance glider control, and much more.

There was quite the variety of students on this trip. They ranged from early 20s to late 60s, and traveled in from all over the United States. One of the students made the comment that “the type of people who get involved in the sport are usually really cool people.” That statement was absolutely true. The friendships made on this trip will not be forgotten.

If you are ready to begin your next great adventure in life, please visit or call us at 1-800-707-2525!

Sky-High Regards – The WPPGA Team

World Powered Paragliding Association Produces 10 Year-Old Paramotor Pilot!


WPPGA Master-Instructor Dell Schanze produces the youngest Powered Paragliding student alive!

10 year old SUPERJORDAN has officially become a PPG expert after demonstrating his capability to foot launch AND launch with a trike!  This is the perfect testament that with the right training and equipment, it makes the sport so easy “a child could do it!”

A Powered Paraglider or Paramotor is a version of ultralight aircraft which does not require a pilot’s license. This makes it the most affordable way for anyone to own their own personal aircraft. Another benefit of these amazing machines is the freedom to fly almost anywhere a pilot desires. With an amazing one hour of flight to 1 gallon of gas ratio, the Powered Paraglider (or PPG) is in a class of its own.

Featured in the picture above is the Flat Top Paramotor.  The Flat Top Paramotor is one of the very few units out there to Surpass all of the very stringent WPPGA safety certifications. It’s no wonder that Paragliding and Powered Paragliding World Champion Dell Schanze chose this machine to trust his son’s life to.  This amazing and sport is truly more enjoyable with proper training and the right gear!

Due to the fact that this is a nonlicensed sport, there are countless people offering instruction out there without any governing quality control. As with all extreme sports, there is some risk involved. This risk can be greatly minimized by expert and thorough instruction. If you did not need a license to ride a motorcycle, would you rather learn from your neighbor down the street, or learn from an expert at a certified training facility? The answer is completely obvious.

 Amazing 10 year old paramotor pilot takes the skies!

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WPPGA San Diego Powered Paragliding Training Aug. 17th-28th, 2012!


WPPGA Powered Paraglider Training 20121 300x135 WPPGA






WPPGA Training in San Diego begins next week!  Aside from choosing WPPGA Certified Equipment, the art of mastering paraglider control is of the most importance in the sport of Powered Paragliding!  The World Powered Paragliding Association’s MASTER-CERTIFIED instructors dedicate 5-7 days of training students, exclusively to master glider control. This crucial stage in training takes place before a student ever leaves the ground to take their first flight. One of the great things about learning this exhilarating sport is that you can almost completely learn how to fly without ever having to leave the ground. The goal of this training process is to work through the details of glider control until it becomes a subconscious or natural reaction. This is similar to learning how to drive a car. Can you remember how nervous you were the first time you sat in the driver’s seat? Did you have a good driving instructor that made you feel confident enough to relax and enjoy the experience? Having proper training from the start makes all the difference in the world.  WPPGA students will master the fundamentals of glider control, even to the point of controling the glider hands-free & with eyes closed!  All pilots should reach this level of skill before they even attempt to leave the ground. Being able to “feel” subtle changes in conditions and being able to respond to these changes quickly is what will prevent an accident from occurring.

If you are interested in joining us on the beautiful Pacific Coast, please call 1-800-707-2525 to make reservations for summer training 2013. Keep in mind that this is one of the most sought out training experiences in the entire sport, so don’t hesitate or there won’t be any room left.


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Paramotor Sports Powered Paragliding – California Branch

The WPPGA Has a NEW President & Vice President!

Robert Samantha Whittaker WPPGA 300x155 WPPGA

Greetings, salutations, and a GIANT hello from Paradise, California!  My Wife Samantha and I would like to introduce ourselves to the PPG community!  Everyone has a unique story behind why they got involved in this life-changing sport.  Here is ours:

My Wife and I have done some really exciting things in our lives up to this point.  The constant in everything we have done is that we are always involved activities which change people’s lives.  We have ran some of the most successful Kenpo Karate schools in Northern California, produced several registered service dogs (including Search & Rescue), managed several fitness clubs and more!  There is NOTHING more important to us than service to others, and NOTHING more exhilarating than being a part of changing someone’s life.  It simply comes down to what we call “the house rules.”  If you have a gift than can benefit others, there is a DUTY to share that knowledge.

Conquering the sky and touching clouds has always been a mutual dream for my Wife and I.  When the shift in our countries economic state began, we scaled down our karate school chains and began our next great adventure.  This of course was Powered Paragliding!  The first step involved researching the sport and trying to find the best training possible. This was a much greater challenge than we anticipated. In fact, it reminded us of what it was like to find a good karate school years ago. Everyone offering instruction claimed to be the best, but at the same time, they spoke so negatively about everyone else out there teaching.  From personal experience in the martial art world, the only people who talked negatively about others were extremely insecure about their own capabilities. My wife and I NEVER had to bring down another schools in order to convince a student to join ours. We simply let our actions speak for themselves, and let potential students make their decision based on what THEY personally felt was good for them.

We set out traveling the States in search for a Powered Paragliding school that possessed the same values we would look for in choosing a karate school. The common denominator in Powered Paragliding and karate schools is that your life could depend on choosing the right one.  We attended many of the Powered Paragliding fly-in events, and read just about everything we could find online.  We found countless self-taught instructors out there, and so-called “crash courses” claiming that they could train students in 2 to 3 days.  Relating back to our karate experience, there are countless karate instructors out there who learned from books or videos, and claim that their students can achieve a black belt in 1-2 years.   Think about this…..  If you were looking for a good doctor, would you choose one who learned from a video and is offering 10 min. surgery, or would you choose one that went to Harvard and takes their time performing their work?  It’s devastating that so many people out there are choosing these “fast-food” schools because of today’s “gotta get it now” mentality.  Again, if your life depends on choosing the proper instruction, shortcuts are just not an option. We finally made the well-informed choice to go with the WPPGA National Training Center on the Pacific coast.  All of the CERTIFIED WPPGA Master Instructors take their time to teach and develop each student until they reach their full-potential.  The WPPGA was also the only school in the world to provide equipment insurance while training. This alone made a huge statement. The WPPGA is so confident with their instruction that they do not need to worry about a student breaking their equipment. I can’t imagine how expensive training would be if I broke a machine while in training (especially if it was poor training) and had to pay for it. $12,000 for lessons is a little steep!

As time went by, we decided to become more & more involved with the WPPGA.  We wanted to support the WPPGA’s quest to provide people with the safest and most thorough training in the sport.  My Wife and I never thought that one day we would be heading up this amazing organization.  It has become just as rewarding for us as getting a student up to the level of Black Belt!

All that being said, we will continue to grow, learn, and change lives… One flight at a time!

Sky-High Regards,

Robert & Samantha Whittaker



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