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“SPIDERDELL” Dell Schanze The Paramotor Master, Gets Paranastic in Mexico! Paragliding Extreme!

Dell Schanze “SUPERDELL” earned the new nickname “SPIDERDELL” from the Mexican locals at the WPPGA Training Event!



One of the latest WPPGA students said: “It was a hit!… The crowd went wild… SPIDERDELL is in the building!” The local children were running around the beach yelling “araña, araña,” which translates to “spider, spider.”  Way to go, Dell!

There are only a handful of people in the world who have achieved the level of mastery Dell Schanze has with a Paraglider. It’s so rare to see people manipulate and control the glider to such an extent. Many students at the August 2012 WPPGA Training Event felt more confident with their own skills, knowing that they were learning from someone like SUPERDELL.

Although Dell Schanze has been smeared all over the web by those claiming to be a Paramotor expert, he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to Paramotors.  False allogations can be found everywhere, and although bits of information can be true, Dell Schanze is merely an extremest in the sport.  He has built a life on paramotoring and wants to share his experiences with those who are excited about the sport.  Thank you, Dell Schanze, for your contributions to WPPGA and paramotor enthusiasts everywhere!

There’s only once chance to make a first impression or to train for the very first time.  If you are feeling motivated to get involved with this spectacular sport, DO IT THE RIGHT WAY and get the best training possible!  Many people get so anxious to get it up there in the sky.  It’s the whole “I want it now” mentality.  It’s very common for individuals to seek out either the closest or the cheapest school they can find.  Unfortunately, these are the same people who are losing their lives in the sport.  There is more improper training and uncertified gear our there than people realize.  The WPPGA is working hard to provide the safest and most comprehensive Powered Paragliding experience ever.  Absolutely ZERO people have lost their lives flying WPPGA certified gear and having WPPGA training.  That makes a very powerful statement.
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Sky-high regards from all of us at the WPPGA!

Powered Paragliding WORLD RECORD! Dell Schanze Does Wing Drag on an 11sm Morpheus!

Students were blown away and spectators gathered!  The WPPGA Training event in Mexico was truly a sight to see. World Champion SUPERDELL Schanze took to the sky and attempted something no man or woman has done before. Countless people on the beach stopped what they were doing to watch, as Dell Schanze launched a custom-made, 11 square-meter Morpheus Paraglider!  Now that is one small glider! People simply had no idea what they were about to see or experience.

Of course, the Flat Top Ninja Paramotor was warmed up, and the wing was pulled up into the sky.  The next thing everyone knew, SUPERDELL was in the air and gaining altitude for his attempt at setting a new World Record.

One WPPGA student commented: “That is one heck of a tiny glider.” Another stated “That’s the thinnest, fastest glider I’ve ever seen in person… Only Dell!” This was quite the contrast, especially considering the fact that WPPGA students trained on the ever famous K2 Paraglider.  It was great for them to be exposed to an advanced competition glider.

SUPERDELL dove towards the ground after banking a serious turn.  At the last second, he swooped-in to make world history.  SUPERDELL completed the first ever wing tip drag on an 11 m² Morpheus Paraglider! Everyone watching went absolutely nuts and wanted to see it again!” Of course, no one was disappointed! SUPERDELL continued to rock the demonstration of his signature move.

One of the WPPGA students commented: “It’s totally different than watching (SUPERDELL) on Youtube! I was standing feet away from him when he did the wing-drag…. It was more exciting than riding a roller coaster for me!”

U-Turn Paragliders have earned the global reputation for being the most sought-after by top pilots such as Dell Schanze. It’s no mystery that Dell “SUPERDELL” Schanze chose a U-turn glider to set his latest World Record.

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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons 2012 FINAL Day 10 – Students Set World Records!

Students break some World Records, first-person footage while performing in-flight acro maneuvers, and the end to an amazing journey!

By day 10, it starts to hit everybody that they will all be going home soon. Of course, with WPPGA training, everyone has the open invitation to come back at any time and fly with the group for free. Gallons of gas were burned through while students maximized their flying time on the last day.

Some incredible and noteworthy events took place with this WPPGA group on the last day. It was the first group ever to have three beginning students pull a SAT acro-maneuver on their 10th day of training. Additionally, it was the first WPPGA group to have two students perform tandem flights on their 10th day of training. That will be one tough act to follow for future WPPGA students!

At the end of the day, a few die-hards did some sunset flying while others packed up for the trip home. Everyone loaded into the vehicles and we made our way back to the States. After arriving back at the beach house in San Diego, it wasn’t long until everyone was asleep.

The next day, everyone said their goodbyes, and were then shuttled to the airport. There wasn’t a single person who felt their life was changed by this amazing experience.

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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons Day 9 – 2012 San Diego Ca Group!

SUPERDELL becomes SPIDERDELL, students get interviewed, several pull their first acro-stunts, and a NEW WORLD RECORD is set! We are getting close to the end of the journey for this group of WPPGA students! Everyone is taking full advantage of the last two days in Mexico. There is hardly a machine that isn’t in the sky.

The other school from the US was out at the beach again. All of the WPPGA students were literally flying circles around the competition. Once everyone was able to focus on actual flight rather than glider control, things got quite interesting.

The beach was consistently busy with large families of tourists and Mexicans. When any of the students, or especially SUPERDELL, pulled a stunt out there, every single person on the beach just froze to watch the amazing show. Many of the families were even cheering the WPPGA students on while they completed wing-overs and 360s!

At the end of the day, everyone was lucky enough to witness SUPERDELL Schanze set a World Record! He launched his Flat Top Ninja Paramotor with a custom-built, 11 square-meter, Morpheus Paraglider from U-Turn Paragliders! After gaining the perfect altitude, he sharply dove at the ground and completed the first-ever wing-tip drag on that glider! There were more camera phones out than at a small concert!

It’s inspiring for everyone involved with WPPGA training to be instructed by one of the best pilots in the world. It’s also invaluable for students to see the same equipment they’re flying, tested at such extremes. A confident pilot can relax and enjoy this sport to its fullest.

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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons Day 8 Touch n’ Go’s- San Diego 2012 Group!

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Touch n’ go flights, crazy-awesome tandems, and some ever-famous SUPERDELL signature wing-tip drags! Just when everyone thinks it can’t get any better, it absolutely does! What a breathtaking coastline to have a “first flight.” Multiple students spotted dolphins, sharks, manta rays, seals, fishing boats, and more. Compared to their expectations before they got here, the entire group of WPPGA students were blown away by the experience up to this point.

“Seeing SUPERDELL pull a wing-tip drag right in front of me was nothing like watching it on YouTube! It was more intense watching him than riding a roller coaster for me,” stated one student.

Ironically, there was another Powered Paragliding school with a couple of students on the beach this day. They were going to put their students in the air on day 2 with a motor. While interviewing some of the WPPGA students, they were asked “what it was like to see another school out here is a basis for comparison?” Many of them stated that it “increased their level of confidence in the instruction they received through the WPPGA.” It couldn’t have worked out better by having that direct comparison right there!

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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons Day 7 – San Diego Group’s FIRST FLIGHTS!

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This is it!… What our students and viewers have been waiting for!… The day everyone starts to fly! There wasn’t a single student who slept in on this day. Everyone was up early and ready to get their chance to fly. WPPGA Master Instructor “SUPERDELL” Schanze and his expert Assistant Instructors began unloading 9 stunning Flat Top Paramotors from the trailer. SUPERDELL opened up several brand-new Cima K2 Paragliders for the student’s first flights, then began staging machines.

Andy Fuller was the first WPPGA student to take to the sky. SUPERDELL Schanze provided exceptionally good-quality, long-range communication radios, which enabled him to be “right at the student’s side” during flight. Andy’s takeoff was absolutely flawless! Everyone was cheering and going nuts! Even his FIRST touch-and-go looked like he had been doing it for years! After seeing how easy it was for Andy to launch, all the students were ready to rock ‘n roll! One by one, each student got their chance to touch a cloud for the first time. It was truly a day that will go down in history for each and every person that was out there. At the end of the day, one of the students stated that “it’s stuff like this that I will remember at the end of my life, you know, when I look back and think about the most memorable experiences… This will be right up there with my first kiss – lol!” Another stated: “I can finally take this one off my bucket list now!”

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WPPGA Paramotor Lessons – Day 5 – 2012 San Diego Group!


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This is it! The adrenaline and excitement can be seen in every single student! This is the final day of mastering the art of ground control for this group of WPPGA students! There isn’t a single individual in the group that isn’t ready to take to the sky.

It’s very clear that this group has progressed light years beyond where they were at on the first day of training. The confidence of each student is apparent and can be seen in each clip shown here. Students are experimenting with their gliders further, starting to “play” with their newly found skills, and hungry to see the ever famous Flat Top Paramotor in person.

WPPGA Master Instructor “SUPERDELL” Schanze was “very pleased” with how quickly and comprehensively this group’s knowledge of the sport had grown. SUPERDELL stated “with hand-selected instructors, certified gear, and these awesome conditions, it’s pretty cool what we can do with the group… These guys are ready to fly!”

At the end of the day, the group of WPPGA students returned to the beach house, and began packing up for Mexico! Within a couple of hours, everyone had loaded into the vehicles and headed to the flying site in Mexico! The destination was a small town, 53 miles into Mexico. The group got set up in their rooms and crashed out early in preparation for tomorrow’s a big day. Be sure to check out the next video! It’s flying time for the group!

Paramotor Lessons Day 4 – WPPGA Training 2012 – San Diego Ca

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There are many paramotor schools throughout the country strapping a motor to a students back on day two or three of training. Aside from uncertified gear, this kind of negligence is the leading cause of death and injury in this incredibly-safe sport. Many of these schools also train in locations (like fields) where the student is lucky to get 1-2 hours of good wind conditions per day. The WPPGA however, still has students on day four, fine-tuning the mastery of glider control. Due to the hand-selected locations of the WPPGA National Training Centers, these eager students have the opportunity to train around the clock! If they get some well-needed rest and sleep in, there are still more hours of optimal training conditions than the student can physically handle. Several diehard students even go out in the middle of the night to experience “feeling” their glider, rather than watching it move. There have been ZERO deaths by WPPGA students. That’s right!… ZERO! What a powerful statement! No other PPG Association can boast that.

The ultimate goal of the WPPGA is to make this a safer sport for all. They are working hard towards changing the standards of training and gear certification globally. When a new student was asked “how does the WPPGA training compare to other methods like the USPPA,” they responded: “It’s just not fair that so many people don’t know it doesn’t have to be like that.” It’s a life we’re talking about here. These other instructors have put the mighty dollar before a human life. I genuinely feel sorry for them.” Another student gave a GREAT analogy in regards to this topic: “If my life depended on picking a good brain surgeon, I would want someone who went to Harvard for 10 years, rather than someone who went 2-3 at a community college. WPPGA training is where you get the Masters Degree. Everything else is just a Junior College (lol).”

Being a non-licensed sport does have its advantages… It saves people quite a bit of money by not having a government regulated licensing process. The disadvantage however, is that anyone ( and I mean anyone) can open up a full-fledged powered paragliding school, claiming that they are an expert. How safe would the roads be if you didn’t need any type of license to operate a vehicle? Just about anyone can learn from a book or a video and open up a driving school. Again, the WPPGA is working around the clock, exposing people to the highest standards in training, the world has ever seen.

Here are some GREAT RESOURSES to find out MORE about this incredible sport:

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Paramotor Sports Powered Paragliding – Ca
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Paramotor Lessons – WPPGA Day 3 – San Diego 2012

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It just keeps getting better! This new group of WPPGA SUPERSTUDENTS has taken the beach by storm. It’s really neat to see 10 different gliders stretched all the way down the beach as far as you can see. There were countless passerby’s inquiring about lessons, the sport in general, and to our surprise, we could not believe how many people had never heard of powered paragliding!

Master Instructor SUPERDELL Schanze, and all of the assistant instructors, were the best teachers many of these students had ever seen. Being an exceptional teacher is truly a gift. There are so many great practitioners in the sport, but when it comes to explaining to a new student how to do it, there are very few teachers in the world of this caliber.

This video series is getting closer to showing the students first flights! Each student spends a minimum of five days, 6 to 8 hours a day, learning how to master their ground kiting skills. One of the great things about Powered Paragliding is that the student can literally master flight before ever leaving the ground! It actually gets easier for the pilot to control the glider once in the air. While in the air, the wing is fully loaded, and completely keeps it’s perfect shape. Especially with the ever-famous K2 Paraglider from Sky Paragliders.

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Paramotor Lessons Day 2 – WPPGA San Diego 2012

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The progression and skill from just day one to day 2 is quite apparent in this video. This group of WPPGA students are getting comfortable enough to start experimenting with their glider. Towards the end of the day, some of them were even having kiting wars to see who can keep their glider in the air the longest. Of course this involved trying to steal each other’s wind, wing bumping the other person, and a lot of laughs!

One of the many unique things about WPPGA training is that the accommodations are included. The beach house in San Diego is directly on the beach. This makes it quite convenient for students to simply walk out the front door and practice kiting whenever they like. The house featured granite countertops, tile floors, fireplaces in multiple rooms, a Jacuzzi bathtub, plasma TVs, and a rooftop balcony with a breathtaking view to top it all off. It’s hard to find a vacation of this magnitude, and the fact that flight lessons are included in the experience, there really isn’t anything else like it! Everyone kept saying “I can’t believe what we are getting for the price!”

Please continue to watch this video series. If you are considering getting into the sport, this is a great way to get a taste of what the experience will be like if you choose WPPGA training. Do your research by checking out other school’s training videos. I’m sure after you do, you will clearly see the difference.

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Sky-High Regards – The WPPGA Team