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Paragliding is the new adrenaline addiction!

The WPPGA is THE place to learn all about

what paramotors and paragliding is all about!

We want to create a place where paramotor

enthusiates can come together to share their

experiences, their stories (both the good and the

bad) and the thrill of soaring the skies in the

same way that birds do.  We are excited about paramotors,

paragliding and the thrill of meeting

new people while expanding the adventures we experience in our lifetime.

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Paramotor enthusiates gather together yearly to fly , meet new people who share the same passion, and share an experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

We travel to beautiful places, share fine meals and tell the Best Paramotor stories while making new memories.  Contact us to find out how you can avoid missing out on the next great adventure!


  • Paraglider Specifications are EXTREMLY important in order to safely match you with the best equipment!
  • Paramotor safety equipment can save lives!
  • Paragliding can create new friends while making your mark on the world!
  • Aviation is not something to learn by trial and error!

    Paramotor training can be found all over the web, just be sure you have found a safe school with great reviews.